Tapioca balls, also known as sabudana in the Indian subcontinent, are produced by passing the moist starch (tapioca, extracted from the cassava plant) through a sieve under pressure. Sabudana is used in variety desserts and dishes such as falooda, kolak, kheer, wada and khichidi. In India people absolutely relish the sabudana kheer and khichidi which is prepared especially during fasts and poojas.

At Ziva Foods, we have three different varieties of Sabudana i.e. Mota, Moti, and Mini. Ziva Foods specializes in delivering quality within the given time. We have been in the industry since 1988 and are known for our legacy. We deal with pure spices without any adulteration. We offer 200 gms and 30 kgs packaging for Sabudana.

Our product range carries:
✓ Authentic flavor and appearance
✓ Fresh quality
✓ Top-notch packing

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Sabudana GLASS Nylon

Sabudana Mini (Super Small)

Sabudana Mota (Big)

Sabudana Moti (Small)